The determination of the appropriate business organization to operate your business is an important decision that may have effects in the future that you do not realize.  It is important to form the organization with the help of an accounting professional and with a clear understanding of the limitations and advantages of each organization.  We work with clients to minimize corporate disruption in the event of any disputes.  This representation includes mediation, arbitration and litigation, including any appellate work that may be necessary.  Our experience in resolving contract disputes gives us a special insight on drafting issues.

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We have been active immigration attorneys since 1979.  We have prepared numerous successful investor visa applications and assisted in preparing the associated business plans.  We have received several National Interest Waivers to secure Immigrant Visas for qualified professionals. We also prepare family-based applications for visas, permanent residency adjustment of status and naturalization petitions.

Property Disputes, Personal Injury, and Contract matters, including the purchase and sale of real estate


Investor Visas, Company Visas, National Interest Waivers, Permanent Residency, Citizenship.


Acquiring real estate is a significant portion of our practice.  Contracts to purchase should be evaluated by a qualified attorney who can provide you with information on how property should be titled to provide you with advantages in your estate planning, homestead determinations and holding property in a trust with the ability to freely transfer, sell or mortgage it without complications caused by the trust instrument or failure to reserve the statutory powers in a deed.

The analysis and evaluation of any contract is important to each party.  Experience in both drafting agreements and having those agreements interpreted and enforced on behalf of our clients is one of our strengths.  We are experts acknowledged by the Florida Bar Association in litigating personal injury cases, contract matters and tort claims.  We are active in the BP Federal Case filed in Louisiana.  We are admitted in the Federal Court Trail Bar for the Southern District and handled appeals to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal.


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